Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping Molly

I started it in 2012, finished it last night, and prepped it for final wearing today, this leap day.

After taking a class from JC Briar and appreciating her description of the construction of the sweater she wore, I purchased the kit at Stitches West in 2012 from Shelridge Yarns and started pretty quickly.

A month later there were some issues, and some separation was needed.  I might have picked up a bad habit along the way.

Progress a year later?  Two steps forward and nearly two steps backward.

Reconciliation occurred soon afterward. There was commitment to bring this beauty forward.

Finally, half of the piece was finished!  Wearing it was a dream.  Still more to do, though. It became the piece I dedicated myself to each February, commemorating Stitches West. And the sleeves took three (3) years to complete.

I would have been lost if I had not taken notes.

The notes saved me and reflected the amount of planning, work, and rework that I devoted to this piece over the years.

My struggles with the piece are a reflection of my desire to speed things up and not pay attention to the pattern in front of me.  I have no regrets from this experience, and I hope I am a better knitter.

JC Briar is a fantastic designer.  The pattern is beautifully designed and very well written.  You can find it here, and purchase it here.