Sunday, February 26, 2017


Entered the Chinese grocery seeking liniment, but the first aisle I entered contained kitchenware, laundry, and cleaning tools.  And I, always looking for the good bargain and taking pride in tools, carefully examined all that was offered and began gathering items because they were useful.  Also took note of other items and supplies that will be needed as I begin to explore other interests (to be told later).

Slap-slap-slap - focus on the original purpose of this jaunt.  I went to a cashier, an older asian woman, and asked where I would find the liniment, but she shook her head, indicating non-comprehension to my question posed in English.  I rubbed my elbow and she directed me to aisle 3 with 3 fingers.

I went to aisle 3, which contained kitchenware, laundry, and cleaning tools.
Maybe the cashier thought I wanted to bathe myself.

I went through the rest of the store, aisle by aisle, yet could not find toiletries or other items to alleviate aches (where is the aspirin?).  Maybe the asian diet is so good that none of these items are needed?

I approached another shopper, a middle-aged asian woman, and asked if she might know where the liniment might be located.  Her red-rimmed eyes were watery and she quickly shook her head and pushed her cart down the aisle.  I wondered if she was under duress, and my aches disappeared as I followed my imagination of her being yelled at each morning, and events of her abused, distressed life.

I found a younger cashier and asked her my question, and she pointed to a locked glass-faced cabinet at the front of the store and said that I should point to the product I seek.  So they keep this product under lock and key, like cigarettes and other substances that might "walk" away!  Found my liniment, paid for it (along with something for the kitchen), and departed.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Before noon

At the table next to me sat two older men who ordered red wine and shots of vodka with their pastrami sandwiches.  Another table next to me ordered a glass of red with his soup and salad.  And I sat, eating my eggs and hash and drinking my hot chocolate, ordered because I had too much coffee already.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Saw signs of one, unlikely in this cold weather, but there it was, on its rounds.  Went from place to place, gathering what it could while looking for the affinities it could create a bond with.  Simple.