Wednesday, July 26, 2017


In a meeting, seated in the audience, the arrival from a side door, walking through the aisle to sit beside me, started writing in a notebook as I wrote in mine, then we traded books, and after writing in the other's, traded again.  We arose and departed the meeting at the same time, without many spoken words between us. We walked together and said we did not need to leave each other again, because the space needed for our selves was already provided, and space for the other would be constantly attended.  At another location I wrote as you sketched, and we traded media twice again.  And later that evening I sculpted while you read your words to me.

Friday, July 14, 2017


What is the term
when the experience
strikes a chord,
when the immersion
of sights
or sounds
slices to your core
and you identify with
and meld with the other
without losing your self;
when suddenly there is not
enough air to breathe
and the aura of the experience
encompasses the universe?

The term has qualities
of being moved,
and transcendence.