Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SW 2012 album

Stitches West 2012, February, Santa Clara, CA.
I took two classes: "Slick set-in-sleeves" with JCBriar, and a "Fitting Knits" class with Lily Chin. Both were worthwhile.
I got a beautiful lightweight spindle by KCL Woods. It weighs less than an ounce and spins true. I got what I call a "more fun than a barrel full of monkeys" pack of colorful fiber. And some MadTosh yarn and sumptuous Souza fiber.

I met up with some friends at A Verb for Keeping Warm's booth, which was selected by the Stitches West instructors as "most beautiful"! Congrats!
In the right-hand photo I'm flanked by Kristine and Romi, sources of the dress pattern and fabric, as well as the scarf I'm wearing. The turtle fabric is whimsical and from AVFKW, and the scarf is "Caliz" and designed by Romi.
Here are a few other purchases. And in the lower left corner you can see a little souvenir from my visit with Ysolda.

Monday, February 20, 2012


Angostura - modelled by AVFKW
Started in early January, completed February 19.
Made a few swatches before achieving proper gauge. Smaller needles were needed to get the proper vertical gauge - funny thing was that the horizontal gauge was not greatly affected.

Oh this is what Ysolda said in her book, Little Red in the City.

I learned a new thing.
Angostura - modelled by AVFKW
Took a few tries - first ripping occured with the back armholes because the edges (selvedges) didn't look right.

Second ripping occured at the neck because...the edges didn't look right.

Call me a slow learner.
Angostura - modelled by AVFKW
I became adept at 2-stitch cables without an extra needle. Yesss!

The yarn is "Slick", a tightly spun blend of wool and silk, in an energizing color called "Transnational Fury", by AVFKW.
The third re-do occured as I was learning how to sew up the side seams as instructed in Ysolda's book.   I'm re-framing this experience as "first attempts are good practice".
Angostura - modelled by AVFKW
Angostura - detail
The finished work fits like a glove. It was worth every minute I put into it. I love it.

Marin 2

Marin (front) - modelled by AVFKW
After a few weeks, this was completed on Feb 5.
Marin (front)- modelled by AVFKW
Ysolda was at AVFKW so I was able to show the FO to her. We talked about the features, and she noted that it was worked over at least a handful of times during the design process.

Wow! all that worked enabled me to reap the reward of a beautiful scarf.
Marin (back) - modelled by AVFKW
The yarn is indigo-dyed by AVFKW and is luscious and rich in color. Photos do not capture the depth of color.
Marin (back) - modelled by AVFKW
The pattern uses #5 needles. Because I tend to knit tightly I used #6's.
I would advise knitters to use #5's.
Completed Feb 5
I got nervous at the end.

Friday, February 3, 2012


I look forward to a time when recognition of flourishing arts reflects power in politics and a genuine value of culture.