Monday, February 20, 2012


Angostura - modelled by AVFKW
Started in early January, completed February 19.
Made a few swatches before achieving proper gauge. Smaller needles were needed to get the proper vertical gauge - funny thing was that the horizontal gauge was not greatly affected.

Oh this is what Ysolda said in her book, Little Red in the City.

I learned a new thing.
Angostura - modelled by AVFKW
Took a few tries - first ripping occured with the back armholes because the edges (selvedges) didn't look right.

Second ripping occured at the neck because...the edges didn't look right.

Call me a slow learner.
Angostura - modelled by AVFKW
I became adept at 2-stitch cables without an extra needle. Yesss!

The yarn is "Slick", a tightly spun blend of wool and silk, in an energizing color called "Transnational Fury", by AVFKW.
The third re-do occured as I was learning how to sew up the side seams as instructed in Ysolda's book.   I'm re-framing this experience as "first attempts are good practice".
Angostura - modelled by AVFKW
Angostura - detail
The finished work fits like a glove. It was worth every minute I put into it. I love it.

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