Monday, February 20, 2012

Marin 2

Marin (front) - modelled by AVFKW
After a few weeks, this was completed on Feb 5.
Marin (front)- modelled by AVFKW
Ysolda was at AVFKW so I was able to show the FO to her. We talked about the features, and she noted that it was worked over at least a handful of times during the design process.

Wow! all that worked enabled me to reap the reward of a beautiful scarf.
Marin (back) - modelled by AVFKW
The yarn is indigo-dyed by AVFKW and is luscious and rich in color. Photos do not capture the depth of color.
Marin (back) - modelled by AVFKW
The pattern uses #5 needles. Because I tend to knit tightly I used #6's.
I would advise knitters to use #5's.
Completed Feb 5
I got nervous at the end.

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