Friday, July 30, 2010

Data and a trailer

I gather data, and I make lists.
So I weighed the little skeins I made during Tour de Fleece these past few weeks and I measured how much yardage I generated. Without listing all the detailed info I actually gleaned with my scale, tape measure, and calculator, here's the bottom line:

I plied 524yds from fluff. If I include the brown stuff I plied off the spindle at the beginning of TdF, that's 581yds total. And the skeins were 7g minimum, there were a few 8g and 9g in there - about 77g total from fluff.

Some perspective for me: 524y/77g is equivalent to 340y/50g (I think in terms of skein weights I see in the marketplace). Sock yarn is about 200y/50g, so I'm spinning finer than sock weight.

And here's the trailer, a pic of 7g of "Silver Lake" (Lisa Souza) fiber still in progress. It feels as lush as it looks. What a pleasure.

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