Sunday, January 2, 2011

Defiant blood oranges

2.5 lb CA blood oranges plus one lemon (8c total) plus 7c water plus 1c+8.5c raw+white sugar yields 10c marmalade. Damn the lack of electricity and the lack of other things. I have water and gas and a third-world connection from the fridge to the neighbor's outlet and I am making something fantastic and heating the kitchen and myself in the process.


Bogie said...

Hmmm. I *tried* posting a comment twice, but it doesn't seem to want to go through. If you get this multiple times, please delete the duplicates.

Who was defiant? The oranges or you (or both)? lol. What recipe did you use? Sorry to hear about the electrical problems. I hope the power is restored soon.

Mutare Posts said...

The oranges inspired my defiance which I willed back into the jars. The recipe is an adaptation from several sources.

Chop up all fruit & combine with water in a big pot. Simmer for 5 min then let stand for 12-24 hours in a cool place. Bring to boil for about 45-60 min to soften peel & develop pectin. Divide mixture and measure. Add equal amt of sugar to half of mixture & boil to gel state, 15-20 min. Put in jars, seal, and process - 15min for pt jars, 10 min for 8-12oz jars. Repeat (sugar, gel state, and processing) with other half of mixture.

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