Saturday, August 27, 2011

Grand Lake Proverbial

Grand Lake - modelled by AVFKW in the garden
About one month after casting on, I am wearing this, AVFKW's Proverbial number 4, the last of the 2010 season, "Grand Lake" designed by Kristen Hanley Cardozo. AVFKW's Floating yarn in "2 Gems and a Pearl", 70/20/10 Alpaca/cashmere/silk, is pink, tender, and yields to the touch. I've never felt anything like this yarn before, which has resulted in prolonging this knitting experience - there's been no reason to rush this project. The finished shawl/scarf feels incredible when worn on the skin.
Grand Lake - modelled by AVFKW in the garden
Grand Lake - modelled by AVFKW

I learned to rely on my ability to read charts, make nupps and cast them off ("P5 tog" is not easy for me), and use a stretchy* bind off with the same size needle (and looser than normal tension - "loose" is typically not in my personality so this is a relative term) used to knit the body. Very clever design feature to use nupps to provide some weight at the edge of this piece.

Okay Kristine, I'm ready now, bring on the first delivery of Proverbial Club 2011 in October!

*in this case, on a predominantly purl row: P1,** P1, transfer both stitches from R needle to L needle, then P2tog**, repeat from **.

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