Tuesday, August 23, 2011


On a recent journey I decided to take two days to get to a destination.

The first day, I drove through urban, rural, and logging roads to get to a campsite.
Table Mountain Casino. Hmm.
High Sierra Station
As I set up shelter and prepped to eat and drink, I realized that I am a walking commercial for REI Co-op. Add that shop to others that I spend time in - places that contain artifacts, fiber, books, art supplies, hardware.
A smoky fire keeps bugs away.
This probably also explains why, especially whenever I travel, I usually look like I came off a mountain. Others' appearances are more chic and acceptable to city folk; mine is typically met with a questioning look or comment. Whatever.

The second day, after a short boat ride and a hike filled with wonderous views, evidence of the power of natural forces, some anxiety and weariness, I arrived at the destination.
Waiting for the ferry.
A compass would've been helpful.

Destination benchmark.
Plays well with others.
There were friendly creatures, beds, pillows, home-cooked meals with fresh, varied and healthy ingredients, a river, some hot springs, and horses. This is a working place.
One of twenty-five.
Where it gets done.

A working place.

Another kind of horse.
I slept soundly the first night as my body recovered from internal chills and sore spots (mercifully no blisters!) from the hike and altitude. The next afternoon was spent napping. I brought some fiber to keep me company.
Can I have a witness?
My pre-occupation with it in the late afternoon was costly because mosquitoes and black flies (I didn't know they would bite!) gorged on me when I couldn't move around enough to shoo them away. Experiences are embedded in this fiber.

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