Sunday, October 23, 2011

Early music in a modern museum

This afternoon, while walking on my way from one place to another, I happened to enter the Berkeley Art Museum and heard vocal and instrumental music. The University Chamber Chorus with early-period instrumentalists were performing dramatic work by Henry Purcell written in the late 1600s. The acoustics in this concrete building are very live and suit this type of music. Sends chills up the spine.

The Berkeley Art Museum, designed by Mario Ciampi in the mid-1960s and located on Bancroft Avenue just west of College Avenue, continues to excite me. Every time I see the building, enter and experience the space and see the exhibits, I am invigorated. And the space - well, it is sculpture in itself, yet allows the art within it to be shown on its own merit.

Music, art, sculpture, architecture and structure - blew my mind.


Peter said...

I discovered (sadly, too late), that Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck staged a fashion show amongst the installation shown in the photo. I agree - it really is a good museum.

Mutare Posts said...

That would have been interesting to see. Museum members receive notifications of upcoming events - membership is definitely worth it.

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