Monday, November 7, 2011

Blushing in small batches

7 large ones are about 5 pounds. Bought on Thursday, boiled and drained Friday and overnight, jelly Saturday, membrillo Sunday late afternoon and evening.

Jelly: strain through clean dishtowel. 5c juice + 4c sugar + 1/2 lemon juice yields 5c jelly. Test for set on a cold plate. Continues to jell one day later. 10min processing, 5min before removing from pot, 8-1/2c total.

Membrillo (Paste): Run solids through food mill with a coarse disk.
3c solids + 3c sugar + 1/2 to whole small lemon's juice yields 3c.

Bring to boil then cook over very low slow heat for nearly an hour (until stiff). Brush veg oil in hot jar, allow 1/2" headspace, remove bubbles and smooth off the top. 10min processing, 5min before removing from pot. 8c total.

Slow food blushes as it heats up.

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