Saturday, March 17, 2012


A shot of Jamesons to steel oneself.
I needed to rip out an inch but soon saw that there were other issues that required redoing, so I planned to take it down to the pencil. The first rows were the most difficult to rip out. I slowly pulled the yarn and heard each stitch pop and saw the time I spent on this heap up in that tangled pile of undone knitting.
Once I reached the intended pencil-row, though, I saw more flaws. What the heck, I continued to rip out stitches, pulling the yarn with long easy sweeps.

It's easier to pick up dropped stitches when you're relaxed.

Ready to start again.

I celebrated with a shot of Bushmills.


Bogie said...

So? How'd it go?

Mutare Posts said...

As noted in the update, not so bad after the first few rows. Definitely need to be relaxed for this type of surgery.

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