Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fall warp x 4

Using an initial warp, two pieces were made. An additional warp was tied on to create a third piece, then yet another warp was tied on to make a fourth piece. Each piece off the loom was a little more than 2 yds long, excluding about 6" fringe each end.

From the top:
Piece 2 (wet-finished),
Piece 1 (wet-finished),
Piece 4 (not yet wet-finished),
Piece 3 (not yet wet-finished).

From the top:
Piece 1 (same as previous photo),
Piece 2 (same as previous photo),
Piece 4 (wet-finished),
Piece 3 (wet-finished).

Warp & weft: 45/55 silk/merino, 1090yd/100g, 30g-32g weft per piece
12d-reed, approx 14ppi.
8 weeks

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