Saturday, January 5, 2013

Order, chaos, order

I thought this was going so smoothly. Then I saw that I didn't increase for the hips. And then I saw something else that happened much MUCH earlier. So I had no other choice.

I resumed knitting but there's now a new issue I discovered in the area I resurrected. I cannot write about this now. It is sitting in the project bag in a corner of my room, and I look at it occasionally, wondering how to solve the problem.

Here's a new venture! Double weave that makes doubled cloth.
The advice is to warp the loom back to front, but I chose to warp front to back.

Data: sock yarn, 2/dent, 15d reed. It takes twice as long to warp because the number of ends is 2x - it being a double weave and all. (Obvious? but I need to tell myself these things.)
Observations: the yarn is very sticky, especially with the close spacing. Turning the back beam while warping puts alot of tension on the fiber, and is likely why warping back to front was advised. High tension is needed during weaving so that the yarns can pass by each other in the same dent.

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