Monday, February 11, 2013

I can do that

...or maybe I can't: rather than sending an email I went to the teacher and said that I could not participate in an annual event due to a previous commitment. I just cannot send written regrets for important events - I need to speak either in person or on the phone. Am I the only one who feels this way?

Earlier in the week I presided over a Board meeting with a full agenda. We are getting things done. Also gave a talk to a graduate class and illustrated considerations of professional practice that extend beyond analysis and drawings. It's about developing an idea and transforming it into something real, tangible, and useful. I admired the campus and energy devoted to learning. I need to be close to places like this, places that expand the mind.

Well on the way to the southbay I could take a detour and pick up a ticket to a performance by a group I haven't heard in a few years. Interesting program, great performers, new hall. Would be good to check it out.

I felt the power of songs from the soul, guitar, rhythm and flamenco. Blows me away every time. Head and heart became full.

So the next day I skipped getting the ticket to the upcoming performance. Too expensive and too far anyway. Could use the funds for another purpose. I'll make another opportunity to see the new concert hall later.

Spun (spinned?) fiber: 1/4 oz in fingering-weight 2-ply. I plan to spin another 1/4 oz in thicker, worsted-weight, 2-ply. Then I'll spin another 1/2 oz into a 3-ply. Plies are supported long draw.

Worked on making drums. I forgot how much finessing and craft was required to fit the heke on the 'olo. Ran out of patience. Need to find another time to continue this project. At least my lungs survived the process.

Went to see an exhibit on a whim. Well, a whim planned several weeks ago. Tactile experience of books - covers, pages, images - enhances the words and the time needed to experience the thoughts conveyed by the words. Artists and binders stood at the tables and answered questions about their creative process. I saw a few books I would have loved to acquire. Yet I asked the price of only one and then knew that this experience needed to remain with me in spirit because I could not afford to keep this beautiful speciman of art and thought. But my hands, heart and head learned what pleased them.

Finalized and sent a letter to the Board of Supervisors. Represent.

All in a week.

Seattle (revolving doors for some people...but not for me) here I come.

Santa Clara here I come.

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