Sunday, October 6, 2013


When the machines are unplugged, when the noise stops, I do the slow work that needs to get done. It is likely that no one will know it has been done, but it would be noticeable to many if the work is not done. It seems to take so long. But when I look at the clock after doing the task, less time has elapsed than I imagined. This is time used well.

What did you do?
...not much...some people would call it "work" of some sort.

What did you get from it?
A new skirt - I added features that will enable me to wear and use it well: lining and pockets. Don't think that these don't make a difference. They make a huge difference. Hand sewing in key areas also makes a big difference with drape and fit.

In the quiet slowness of time, a few stories also came to me.

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