Sunday, October 26, 2014


The details of life get recorded here and there.

Wondering what compels some people to publicly record some things that make them look like creeps.  No filters I guess.  They're not concerned about others' impressions.  I'm not either, but I know what looks creepy and sketchy when I see it.

Holiday season has kicked in - making gifts to be given as gratitude.  Purchasing or bartering for items that friends make, to be given as gifts to others.  This takes time, and it is wonderful to reconnect with my hand-making community.

Writing pieces here and there.  It can be exhausting when the material has to be produced on demand and squeezed out, and exhilarating when it flows unleashed on its own.  Dialogs, scenes, and vignettes are narrated in 30 second sound bites when they arise.  I think that I'll remember them long enough to write them down, but the writing is slow and the images and conversations flow through memory too quickly, and much is lost.  How does one capture dance movement, cinematic images, and sound in words quickly enough to really, really record them?

There is movement again with changes that will occur.  "I'm going with the flow," I say. "I'm keeping an eye on it," another says.  "I'm still staying away," the passive one says.  "Don't freak out," I whisper to myself.

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