Saturday, April 25, 2015

Reaction - Action

Interesting what happens when an event is significant enough to jolt me into assessing the here and now.

Thoughts that are triggered start with the welfare of others:  where is my companion? where are the people I care for?  are they ok?  how can my actions best provide support and assistance to others?

Then it’s about me: what would I have wanted to have done or accomplished? what regrets might I have, and what will I do now to remedy them? what am I doing now, and will I put more or less effort into it, given the priorities that begin to arise?

I typically think about how others might react.  Indeed, some have already run to their place of comfort, away from the unknown potential that was in front of them.   Let them go – let them go.

Rather than have an external event prompt these thoughts and priorities, I resolve (again) to consider this on a more regular basis.

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