Monday, August 21, 2017


Get off the damn computer and take a two-hour time-out.

An early Fall mid-morning, with so much fog and overcast conditions that the sun's location was a mystery unless you knew this place earlier.   As the moon began to cover the sun, the sky became slightly darker as though a storm was approaching.  The air became very quiet.  More quiet than usual at this time?  we don't know, but we heard birds, people, and traffic one hour later, far off in the distance, which created stark audio relief to the quieter darkening sky.  As the sky changed, the silence pressed in with the darkness.  When the sky lightened to the glare of overcast conditions, birds began to fly again.  A flock of crows flew to the tall (they must be at least 30 feet) trees in the distance, several blocks down the street.  A hummingbird chirped as it drew from flowers near me.  I returned to my reading, then departed soon afterward.

Time to hit the water soon.

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