Sunday, November 12, 2017


It seems like an eternity, but it has been especially pronounced for a year: each day has had dismaying WTF moments of disbelief. These past few months with hurricanes, earthquakes, local fires, and friends succumbing to illness are especially trying.  And it is difficult to understand what is the truth of a situation.

Each episode is a reminder of how fragile our connections are.  At this time I have only a few that I am able to spend time reinforcing, allthewhile knowing that they could be severed at any moment.

"How are you? how are things going?" is met with "I look over to the horizon to remind me why this is important, especially when I begin to feel burdened or discouraged by immediate circumstances."

Each day has a moment of surrender and ensuing resurrection.

It is helpful to write down instructions for others so that current intentions can be fulfilled.

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