Thursday, August 19, 2010


Inspired by and fueled by the need for comfort, I rounded up all the apples in the fruit bowl and fridge and made applesauce. I prepped 6 pint jars but filled only 2. I guess putting up a quart is one outlet for me.

Looked at the tomatoes on the vine as I grazed on alpine strawbs growing underneath. Ate a handful of yellow tomatoes that burst like candy in my mouth. Almost wish the rest stay green because now I see them as pickles.

Anyone know how to prepare tomato plant leaves? Got a lot of them and working in the kitchen is an outlet for me: all the work kills my appetite as I prepare food for the future.

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Bogie said...

Well, that's just perfect because reading about your work in the kitchen is making me hungry. I'll take some of those full jars off your hands. ;) Still enjoying the jelly--it's wonderful on homemade bread.

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