Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jan 17: a year

First One: 4g, 7ft
A year ago on January 17, knitflix taught me how to use my spinning wheel. I learned to spin, then ply some wool that I had from an intro class several years before. 
Group of First Ones
How could I have known that I would embrace this medium! I've also been introduced to wonderful and helpful people along the way - my local fiber shop was pointed out to me when I called knitflix and said that "I ran out of fiber and need more, now." Yeah - need more *now* - a familiar phrase.

more fun than a barrel full of monkeys
Spinning fiber on a wheel or a spindle alters the fiber as well as the brain waves. Someone find a neurologist and hook me up - let's see what the readings show.

Thank you, J.


Bogie said...

What? Only a year?? ;) You've been a prolific spinner in the past 12 months. I'm glad that the Fricke is working well for you.

spinnity said...

Happy spinnoversary! You are clearly living large in the world of color and fiber! I've been thinking about your beautiful little spindle.. and a certain upcoming knitting show... :-)

Mutare Posts said...

I'm still looking for a good image of the Fricke. I'll have to update this post once I find it. And that upcoming show?!? I'll be in classes and will have less time in that tempting marketplace (maybe). Oy.

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