Sunday, January 23, 2011

Marmalade from Homegrown

No images, just notes.
Last weekend we picked the oranges from our tree-bushes. Whereas the navel oranges are mild enough to eat out-of-hand, the other unidentified type is intensely aromatic, nearly bitter, and must be good for cooking, n'est-ce pas? Many of them were scrubbed with a new sponge. Many more await.

Quick, here's the data before I forget: 8C fruit, 7 or 8C fluid. Batch 1 had 8C base, batch 2 had 6C base. Used some raw along with the white sugar. Total yield: 8-12oz, 2-8oz, 4oz dregs.

Longer version: 8C chopped oranges and pulp, 2C squeezed orange juice + 4C (or was it 5C?) water + 1C lemon juice. Simmer for 5min, soak 18hr, simmer 45min. 8C (plus all that sugar) for the first batch is almost too much for the 3Q skillet. Boil to gel state, yields 5-12oz plus 4oz. Second batch is 6C, boil to gel state, yields 3-12oz plus 2-8oz plus 4oz in the leftover jar.

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