Sunday, March 27, 2011

First Project with Handspun

Got some fiber from Lisa Souza. 50/50 fine-merino/bombyx-silk in Sourball, Winter Pansy and Leafpile. Started with 8 to 15g of each, split in half, then each half split 3 or 4 times and attentuated, with approximately equal yet randomly chosen amounts of each colorway in each single, which was spun long-draw and somewhat relaxed, and then plied moderately hard. Barberpoling could be a good thing.

So I have a few balls of yarn, spun at different times and temperaments during this month of March: 167g, 473y, predominantly fingering weight.

With this handspun I started another High Road yesterday, with a few minor modifications. We'll see how it goes.


Bogie said...

Knitting with handspun, how rewarding!

Mutare Posts said...

Yes it is satisfying. The fiber has gone through my hand so many times just with the spinning process, so it's especially gratifying to handle it again as I knit!

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