Thursday, April 14, 2011

High Road with Handspun

High Road - Handspun
modelled by AVFKW
Last weekend, two weeks after casting on, I finished my second High Road with handspun yarn. I tweaked the pattern just a little: cast on a few more stitches on the main piece, extended the number of rows in the main piece before creating the center corner, adjusted the corner short rows, adjusted the center infill piece and ruffle cast-ons for the larger main piece, and added a few more rows to the ruffle.

Hoooo I really like this one!
Thanks Kristine and Mary-Heather.

Postscript about spinning the yarn: I tried to spin the fiber color combinations so that they would be somewhat random and appear to be "without purpose", but I found that the amount of thought and effort I was putting into the randomness was very deliberate. Intuitive spinning - I need to work on it more - how ironic. Or maybe not - could be a lesson (so many of those these days) in letting go.


Anonymous said...

Deliberate or not, it really is beautiful.

Bogie said...

Gorgeous, congratulations! Maybe what you should do is learn how to spin with your eyes closed. Let your hands & feet decide what type of yarn they want to make.

Mutare Posts said...

Thanks - it is very satisfying, this work. And spinning blind is a wild and interesting idea that I'll keep mulling over.

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