Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lemons four ways

What would you do with 15 pounds of lemons?

1. Chop them up to make marmalade.
2. Peel the zest and make limoncello.

3. Preserve the smallest ones in salt.

4. Freeze the juice in 4 icecube trays.
Spend 6 hours doing it.

Jul 17 update: Marmalade was jarred today. Limoncello will take several months to infuse. Salted lemons will be ready to use in another month. It's satisfying work, and I feel like I'm putting money in the bank.

Data: 12C chopped lemons + 1.5Q water soaked 24 hrs => 3batches(6+6.5+1C mixture + 5+5+.75C sugar) = 13.5C yield (3pt + 3-12oz + 3-8oz). // 2L: 16 lemons + 1.2L-80proof. 1.5L: 10 lemons + .75L-80proof. // 1L salted lemons. // 1 tray = 16 cubes = 1C juice.

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Bogie said...

Now I know what to do if I get 15 lbs of lemons--call you! lol

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