Saturday, July 23, 2011

TdF: eve of the end

Jul 17:
"Soft Green Seas", 4 of 6 singles completed.
Jul 23: Spun, soaked and dried.
From the right, 2 skeins "Salad Days" totalling 223yds; 2 skeins "Soft Green Seas", totalling 344yds; plus a little 3-ply remnant. A dime provides scale.

1. The progression from a tight overplied yarn to a relaxed strong yarn is evident. I think that if I run "Salad Days" back through the wheel, I might get a little more yardage from the yarn becoming less kinked.

2. "Salad Days" is closer to sock-weight than "Soft Green Seas" which is a little heavier weight, closer to worsted or dk.

I'll use the spindle tomorrow.

Early August update: "Salad Days" was run back through the wheel, soaked and dried, with a more civilized looking outcome. Final stats: "Soft Green Seas", 119g, 344yds; "Salad Days", 105g, 242yds.

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