Saturday, July 9, 2011


Ok I confess. I've skipped a day here and there. But I'm still making progress.

July 6: "Salad Days" 3-ply on the bobbin, 3-ply bathed and dried.
July 8: The bobbin yard was also bathed and dried. The first skein is definitely overspun, and will likely go back through the wheel later for corrective measures. The second skein is a little more relaxed but still overspun.

July 9: Prepped up 24x7's SW-BFL, "Soft Green Seas", 3.5 oz. I split it in half transversely, then split each half into thirds lengthwise. Spun one of the six strips into a bobbin of singles. These singles are more relaxed than those for "Salad Days". Hope these don't fall apart later when I ply.

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