Tuesday, July 5, 2011

TdF 2011

Tour de Fleece started on Saturday, July 2. My goal is to spin every day of the Tour. Another goal is to spin yarn suitable for socks. I started with 24x7's SW-BFL, "Salad Days", 3.5 oz. I split it in half transversely, then split each half into thirds lengthwise.
Hopefully I'll end up with 2 skeins of enough 3-ply for a pair of socks. Each ply is worsted long-drawn and the 3-ply will be hard spun. Given my natural tendencies, each ply and the resulting 3-ply will likely be so lively and energized that it will be unknittable. So I will need to focus and relax (those words can go together, believe it or not).

To those who say that this exercise feeds into my obsessive compulsive tendencies, my response is: no socks for you!!


Bogie said...

It looks like Blogger ate my comment that I tried to post multiple times. :( Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing the fiber on the Fricke! Are you going to join Team Spinnity?

Mutare Posts said...

Uh, hopefully I just did on Ravelry, if I didn't then I'll need some help. Let's take this offline. My yarn is so overtwisted it's ridiculous, comical, amazing.

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