Monday, November 21, 2011

4 shades of quince

Jam: 4-5 pounds were washed, cut up and cores were composted. Add zest strips from one lemon, add water short of the top, and cook for about 30 min, then run through a food mill. Measure 5-1/2C max at a time, add 90-100% sugar by volume, and 1/4C lemon juice. Cook to jam state for nearly an hour, put in jars with ½” headspace and process in boiling water for 10min, rest for 5min before removing.

Batch 1 (3pints) was a nice red color. Batch 2 (2pints) was lighter, and Batch 3 (2C) was lighter still. Each successive batch was on the stove for less time (was I getting impatient? Yes.) – note to self: cook longer for deeper color.
Colors (from the left): a stack of membrillo, jam batch 1, jam batch 3 on top of jam batch 2.

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