Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Something good

It started with a very bad April Fool's. My reactions included disbelief, dismay, betrayal, and disbelief (did I already mention disbelief?). So what do I do but stay with what's real. Hunker down and get things done. No point in wondering about what happened - I find that others are doing that for me. Maybe it will hit me later.

For now, though, I finished these. The yarn, "Soft Green Seas," has a little history. The socks were started in late March and had a deadline.  They missed the deadline (just a few days late) because when I picked them up in-progress I just started knitting and totally screwed up the heels - I guess I was discombobulated at the time.

I gave them a bath and they dried in a warm afternoon. They are softer than lamb's ears and more rugged than iron.

I make good things.

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