Sunday, April 28, 2013

Week 1

The daily ritual this past week consists of working in the garden for 2-3 hours in the morning before the sun gets too warm overhead, then come in for a good lunch and a glass of wine. I'll go out for a walk. Or I'll drive and run several errands. Then I'll get some work done. These days that consists of looking at financials and getting some spreadsheets set up. While I'm doing that I'll run a load or two of laundry and hang them outside to dry (does anyone do that anymore?).

The garden slowly gets cleaned up. Weeds were cleared in two large beds and 6 planter pots, all were amended with compost that was turned, and drip irrigation was fixed.

Planting was done: 4 tomatoes, 12 marigolds, 4 coreopsis, and a madder clipping. Mexican oregano, lemon thyme, and a lavender plant orphaned for over a year. Seeds for bush beans, shiso, and alyssum were sown.
Very glad that the alpine strawberries from last year are thriving this spring - I had the pleasure of grazing on a few as I weeded and watched butterflies and ladybugs.

My back and legs are getting stronger.

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