Sunday, September 10, 2017


...reveling in it despite the missing voice and the stress of seeing the earth shake, winds blow and suck and push water, fires consume vast acreage, and arrogant ones thrash around and take up valuable space and time.

I made an inadvertent presentation of "coals to Newcastle" this afternoon in the Bay Area culinary world, and I think I survived, thanks to my pure ignorance.  Got a flat tire in the process and the 2 who came to assist were adept and fast.  Yeah, I told myself I could have done it on my own but there is nothing wrong with calling for assistance and having the pros do it.

The weekend has been spent with the memory that I have 5 skeins of a particular yarn.  The house exploded then come back to order quickly as I looked for the yarn, without success.  However, more consolidation and inventory (goodness, I have so much...) has been taken in the process.

I accepted an invitation to participate in a fiber event.

Meanwhile I continue to watch the beacon and light that I was raised on slowly wane, marking the end of an era.  Time for the next generation to pick up the mantle.

Filters are more refined with each month and year, as time becomes more limited.

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